Climbing Roses

Cover fences, pillars, a trellis or side of the house with these fragrant, disease resistant, repeat blooming climbers. Each grows to 10-12' with an equal spread. Ours produced roses the first season. These climbers are incredibly beautiful, disease resistant and easy to grow. We offer top grade, well rooted plants.

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Items listed on the website are what we have available this season. Items appearing in the Raintree catalog that are sold out do not appear on the website. If you are interested in reserving a sold out item for next year, call us at 1-800-391-8892.
LATE PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS: If you live in an area where temperatures are now often above 75 degrees, it is too warm to plant bare root plants. You can call us and reserve for next season. For those of you in cooler areas, our bare root plants area dormant in cold storage and are in great condition to dig in and grow for you.

We advise soaking the roots for 24 hours before planting.
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