Shipping Cost


The photo above is of our plants which have been carefully wrapped and boxed and are ready to leave Raintree on their way to your home.

Shipping Costs and Schedules

Shipping costs are automatically figured as you place your order on the website and they are displayed at the end of the ordering process. Shipping rates and times are also listed below.

If you live West of the Rockies:

See West of the Rockies shipping rate chart below. If you live in Western Washington, Western Oregon, California or Arizona we can ship to you most of the time if the temperatures are above freezing. For the other west of the Rockies states we ship March and April when your temperatures are above freezing and your ground is no longer frozen.  

East of the Rockies:

Shipping Charts See  Below. Every other week from March through May we send a climate controlled truck to a UPS Chicago hub where your order is then delivered to you in a couple of days. This is quicker and less expensive than regular ground shipping and your plants arrive in great condition. We call this method Zone Skipping and we pass the lower shipping costs on to you. Below are the shipping dates for your state. You can request other Zone Skipping dates. If the date for your state has passed we will put your order on the next truck.

*Note that are bare root plants are kept dormant in cold storage which allows us to ship you dormant plants which are ready to dig in and grow for you until June.

2016 Zone Skipping Ship Schedule below:

You can request other Zone Skipping dates. If the date for your state has passed we will put your order on the next available truck.

*Note the times listed below are when we ship the order from Raintree Nursery here in western Washington. The shipment will take approximately a week to arrive. If you have questions about your order please call us at (800) 391-8892 or email us at

Early March: AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, SC, TX

Late March: DE, DC, MD, MO, KY, NC, OK, TN, KS, VA, WV

Early April: IL, IN, IA, NE, OH, PA and NJ

Mid April: CT, MA, RI and NY zipcodes (100-119) 

Late April: ME, MI, MN, NH, ND, VT, WI, SD and NY zipcodes (120-149)

Early May: If you missed one of the above dates.


Raintree Shipping - West of the Rockies

If Your Order Totals West of the Rocky Mts. Ground
Up to $15.00 $10.95
$15.01 - $30.00 $14.95
$30.01 - $60.00 $18.95
$60.01 - $90.00 $21.95
$90.01 - $130.00 $23.95
$130.01 - $400.00 15%
$400+ 10%

Raintree Shipping - East of the Rockies - Zone Skip Dates

If Your Order Totals West of the Rocky Mts. Ground
Up to $15.00 $13.95
$15.01 - $30.00 $17.95
$30.01 - $60.00 $21.95
$60.01 - $90.00 $24.95
$90.01 - $130.00 $26.95
$130.01 - $400.00 20%
$400+ 15%

Raintree Shipping - East of the Rockies

If Your Order Totals East of the Rocky Mts. Standard Ground  
Up to $15.00 $19.95  
$15.01 - $30.00 $26.95  
$30.01 - $60.00 $29.95  
$60.01 - $90.00 $33.95  
$90.01 - $130.00 $35.95  
$130.01 - $400.00 25%  
$400+ 20%  



Raintree Shipping - Alaska & Puerto RicoBack To Top

If Your Order Totals  
Up to $15.00 $35
$15.01 - $30.00 $40
$30.01 - $60.00 $45
$60.01 - $90.00 $50
$90.01 - $130.00 $55
$130.01 - $400.00 40%
$400+ 35%


Hawaii Customers:

Please Call Raintree at 800 391 8892 and place your order on the phone: Your shipping limitations are different from every other state. We can talk you through the limitations which are as follows:
1. We can only ship you bare root plants with no soil on the roots. Generally we can ship you fruit trees and the berries that are not in pots.
2.  We can only ship via the Post Office. Their MINIMUM  shipping rate is $65. However we can send you a big box full of items for the same or a little more than $65. So if you order only one or two trees the  
shipping is very high but if you order more the shipping is more reasonable.
3. An exception to this is the shipping of small items in a post office fixed rate box which is one foot long. Many of our berry plants will fit in this box and the rate for shipping it is only $13. If you call us we can figure all this out and help you modify your order. If you place your order online we will likely need to modify it  
so make sure we have your email address and phone number.

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