Inventory Clearance Sale through May 2015

*Note to Southern and Central state growers: If your day time temperatures are consitantly about 75 degrees we suggest you wait until next season to plant our bareroot trees. If you wish you can call us and we will reserve plants for you for next spring.

*Note to Northern state growers: Our bareroot plants are completely dormant in cold storage and ready to dig in and grow for you.

We can’t guess exactly how many plants will sell of each variety, so each year, we have an overstock of some items and we run out of others. We make these overstocked items available to you at considerable clearance price savings! Subject to stock on hand. *Sale through May 2015.

  • *Chilean Gunnera-Gal Pot/SPRING
  • *Chilean Gunnera-Gal Pot/SPRING

  • Catalog Number: L505
  • Our price: $18.50

  • RRP: $22.50
    save 18%
  • *Yacon-4 Inch Pot  6/$60/SPRING
  • *Yacon-4 Inch Pot 6/$60/SPRING

  • Catalog Number: L558
  • Our price: $16.50

  • Flavor Delight Aprium / Mariana 2624/SPRING
  • Flavor Delight Aprium / Mariana 2624/SPRING

  • Catalog Number: C360
  • Our price: $26.50

  • Strawberry Tree-Gal Pot/SPRING
  • Strawberry Tree-Gal Pot/SPRING

  • Catalog Number: D600
  • Our price: $17.50