Mrs. Robert E. Lee the FourthMrs. Robert E. Lee the fourth, the regent of Mt. Vernon and descendent of Robert E. Lee is planting a Gloucester White apple tree donated by Raintree Nursery at the estate of George Washington. Assisting her is the Master of the Worshipful Company of Fruiterers of the city of London, England, Judge Donald Cryon.

This company has been caring for fruit and fruit trees in the city of London since the year 1246. Every year they do a worthy-tree planting project somewhere on Earth.

Raintree Nursery has helped the staff at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Virginia estate to find and reestablish from old records as many of the original apple, pear and cherry varieties that George Washington had planted more than 200 years ago.

These trees have all been gone from the estate for more than a century. Now they are re-established for our future generations to enjoy in the next millennium.

The “Fruiterers,” along with Prince Charles, recently influenced the British governments decision not to abandon 2,500 varieties of apples, pears, plums, cherries and nuts in the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale in Kent. Some of these date back to Roman and medieval times.

Because of this Raintree customers can look forward to trying some of these varieties in the future.