This chart and ripening order include all the early ripening plums, not just the Asian plums. Bloom order indicated in the chart below is based on data taken over several years at W.S.U. Mt. Vernon Research Station. If you don’t know the bloom time of a variety, it is safest to select a mid-season pollinizer.

How to use our pollination chart

  1. Potential pollen parents are listed at the top and fruit bearers are listed to the left
  2. Select the variety that you want to bear fruit from the left side
  3. If the intersecting square is green, it will pollinize
  4. If the intersecting square is red, it will not pollinize
  5. If the intersecting square is orange, it will be partially self-fertile

Asian plum ripening order

  1. Methley
  2. Beauty
  3. E. Golden
  4. K. Comet
  5. Kuban Burgandy
  6. Shiro
  7. Weeping Santa Rosa
  8. Burbank
  9. Obilnaja
  10. Delight/Sprite Combo
  11. Hollywood
  12. Superior
  13. Cocheco