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Garden Center at Raintree Nursery

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Shipping / Ordering

If I ordered the wrong rootstock can I cancel or change the order?

Is it possible to ship bareroot peach/nectarine/cherry/apricot to California? Thank you. Would love to be able to order from your nursery.

Is mid-October still an OK time to order plants for fall shipping to plant in the ground?

Can we ship the order to you now?

How do I choose which plants will work for me?

What do I do if my plants have arrived, but I can’t plant right away?

Will I need to be home for delivery? Will it be shipped with a driver unfamiliar to our area? Do you need directions?


How do I choose plants for my location?

I was reading on your website about how you get plants that are disease resistant. Does that mean that the plants are genetically modified or a cross-bred with a genetically modified plant? If not, how does the disease resistance come about?

Are your plants organic?

How big will the new tree I am ordering be when I receive it next year?

My recently planted bare root plant has leafed out but has not grown any new shoots, will it be OK?

What do I do if a plant is not growing vigorously the first year the way I expected it too?

In the video "How to plant a tree" I see that you add Myco packs to the bottom of the planting hole when transplanting bareroot trees. Can these be added to an existing planting near the surface? Would it still be of similar benefit for root development and growth?


How old and how big are your fruit trees in general?

When will my new fruit tree produce fruit?

I have two fruit trees in big pots, they are second year grafts from your annual all-day class and grafting event. I want to plant them in the ground, but I am worried that their roots won't spread out into the native soil. Would it be better to plant them bareroot-style by removing the potting soil when dormant? If so, should I do it this late fall / early winter or wait until spring?

In your catalog, you have EMLA 27. Can ALL apple varieties be grafted on this rootstock?

I just planted apple trees this spring. Should I remove the blossoms from the trees this year?

Can you suggest a semi-dwarf apple tree close to Golden Delicious in taste and texture with early- to mid-season ripening?

When is the best time to pick pears?

What kind of pears come in gift packs that are very fragrant and delicious?

Which plum trees are known to be resistant to bacterial cankers?

I have struggled to find a pollinator for my Satsuma semi-dwarf asian plum tree (about 8 yrs old now and has never produced more than a few plums).The nursery I bought it from recommended a Methley plum as a pollinator, but that tree flowered too early to pollinate the Satsuma. Then I tried a Santa Rosa, but it was killed in a storm before it could mature enough to pollinate the Satsuma. I've looked at your catalog and I'm wondering if the Obilnaja tree or the Shiro tree would be pollinators for the Satsuma? My Satsuma produces fruit in late August (if it does) or even early September.

Washington: What is the flavor of Craig's Crimson cherry trees, and how long until it bears fruit? What is the spread of the tree, and is it a good choice for Redmond, WA?

Washington: What apple and plum species do you recommend for my wet climate here in Forks?

Washington: Are any of your Mirabelle plums self-pollinating? Do you recommend any of them for western Washington?

Oregon: When will the Melrose, Arkansas black and Fuji apple varieties be ripe in Douglas County?

California: I would like to plant a non-astringent persimmon. Which one will work in a compact area?


When does one replace blue berry plants? Mine are about 35 years old and not producing much. Which plants are best for Vancouver, WA? Thank you

How should I fertilize and how much mulch should I use on my raspberries after their first year?

Do Rosanna raspberries have a lifespan? I had a very poor crop this year, very late and small berries. Any reason for this? I live in Northern California and have had these plans for 5-6 years with good results. Thanks!

My Berry Blue Honeyberry blossomed well this spring, but almost all the blossoms fell off and there was very little fruit. Do you have any suggestions as to why the blossoms would drop and how to prevent it next year?

Minnesota: I want to grow giant mushrooms in wood chips. When is the best time to have them to establish for Zone 4?

Florida: Can I grow red currants in Miami?

New York: When is the best time to plant red and white currants?


Massachusetts: What are the best table grapes for eating and jelly making and handles black rot?

Container Gardening

Can I grow a fig tree or bush indoors in a pot?

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