We carry many varieties that are proven to grow in the South.

We list many other plants that have low chill requirements and are tolerant of high summer temperatures.

Middle South

USDA Zones 6 and 7: If you live in most of the lower midwest, the upper south and mid Atlantic seaboard, you can grow a wide variety of fruit. You have enough chilling hours to grow fruit but don’t have the severe winter cold that limits much of the country. If you don’t live near either coast you usually get hot summers which helps to ripen fruit. Spring frosts and disease problems can limit what you can grow so consult your local county Extension Service. You can grow most of the plants listed in the catalog except consult the map for those that will freeze out in cold winters. Following are some recommendations from the book “Growing Fruits and Nuts In the South”.

APPLES: Gravenstein, Jonagold, Liberty, Akane, Queen Cox and most apples.

EUROPEAN PEARS: Warren, Potomac, Blakes’ Pride, Spaulding, Harrow Delight, Seckel, Comice.

ASIAN PEARS: Dan Bae, Shinseiki, Hamese and most others.


PLUMS: Methley, Beauty, Shiro, Fortune Santa Rosa.

STRAWBERRIES: Tri-Star, Musks.

RASPBERRIES: CarolineS and Anne

BLACKBERRIES: Boysen, Logan, Arapaho, Triple Crown, Kiowa.

GRAPES: Venus, Vanessa, Interlaken.

OTHER TREES INCLUDE: Figs, Mayhaws, Jujubes, Paw Paws, Pie Cherries, Walnuts, Mulberries, Quinces, Izu Persimmon, Red Azarole, Fragrant Spring Tree, Tea plants and many others.

OTHER BUSHES & VINES INCLUDE: Kiwis, Jasmines, Blueberries, Tea, Goumi, Pineapple Guavas,  and many others.