USDA Zone 5 and adjoining zones

Most Raintree varieties will grow in your area. Many have proven to be of good quality when grown at one or more of the experiment stations in the region including New York Fruit Testing Service in Geneva, New York and Harrow Station, Ontario Canada. Michigan, Illinois and the other state Agricultural Extension Services have great lists of cultivars proven in each state. Following are a few good choices. Your local Extension service can recommend more.

APPLES: Pristine, Dayton, Akane, Shay, Enterprise, Liberty, Melrose, Jonagold, Gravenstein, William’s Pride, Belmac, Wolf River and Honeycrisp.
PEARS: Blake’s Pride, Atlantic Queen, Harrow Delight, Highland, Bosc, Seckel, White Doyenne, Hamese, Shinseiki, Chojuro and most others.
PLUMS: Seneca, Italian, Mount Royal,  Shiro, Mirabelles, Stanley, Bavay Gage, Rosy Gage, Methley, Superior
PEACHES & NECTARINES: Harken Peach, White Lady Peach, Hardired Nectarine
CHERRIES: Stella, Kristin, E. Francis, White Gold, Black Gold, Tehranivee, Vandelay,  Surefire, Kansas Sweet.
APRICOTS: Harglow, Tslor Tsiran, Puget Gold

GRAPES: Canadice, Interlaken, Einset, Price, Vanessa, Buffalo, Niagara, Cabernet Franc
BLUEBERRIES: Spartan, Bluecrop, Maine, Patriot.
RASPBERRIES: Caroline, Royalty, Anne and Jewel
STRAWBERRIES: Tristar, Shuksan, Early Glo, Jewel, Alpines, Musks
CURRANTS: Consort, Minaj Black and Jhonkheer Red

OTHER TREES: Quince, Medlar, Sorbus, Illinois Mulberry, Reliable Almond, American Persimmon, Paw Paw, Cornus Mas, Cornus Kousa, Fragrant Spring tree, Pussy Willow and many more.

OTHER VINES & BERRIES: Gooseberries, Elderberries, Arguta Kiwi, Sea Buckthorn, Blue Honeysuckle, Goumi, Aronia and many more.