USDA Zones 6 & 7

Raintree specializes in fruit varieties for maritime climates. The Raintree catalog has hundreds of varieties that will thrive in your climate. Those of you who live near the coast from southern Maine to the Maryland eastern shore have a maritime influence that usually prevents the coldest winter temperatures and enables you to grow most of the plants in the Raintree catalog.

In the West, our maritime influence extends at least one hundred miles inland. In the east the extent of the maritime influence may go only a few miles inland, but alot of gardeners live in the coastal areas. The ocean influence still provides a longer frost free growing season but a summer with less heat units.

Many of the Raintree fruit varieties are suited to your conditions. Select disease resistant cultivars when possible. In the Northeast, even along the coast the weather can get very cold so be sure to check the map to see which zone you are in.