Big Apple Cornus Kousa (D585)

“Big Apple” Cornus Kousa: a rare beauty in spring and fall

Big Apple Cornus Kousa (D585)
A young Big Apple Cornus Kousa (D585) blooming at the Raintree Nursery garden center.

This Korean dogwood, the Big Apple Cornus Kousa, has a youthful and subtle beauty that never fails to capture my attention and draw me in for a closer look with each visit I make to the garden center at Raintree Nursery.

Big Apple Cornus Kousa fruit
Big Apple Cornus Kousa fruit

The light-tinged green to white blossoms of four showy bracts surround a central green cluster are followed by a distinctive, edible red fruit, ripening in autumn. The Big Apple is similar to its cousin, Cornus Kousa, except the fruit is larger and raspberry-like in shape.

Its beautifully spreading, gently rounded canopy of reddish-purple leaves and the cascades of colorful, edible fruit in the fall; the bright green, pointed leaves of summer; the clouds of flowers in the spring; and the added disease resistance of this Korean dogwood makes this tree an interesting addition to the landscape.

This tree is not recommended for the hot, humid South and shipping to Florida is prohibited.

A mature Big Apple Cornus Kousa in full spring bloom.

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