Invest in Raintree

Raintree Nursery is looking for a person or group who wants to help sustain Raintree far into the future. This is an excellent opportunity for a person interested in playing an important role in the sustainability of the environment. We are looking for a person or group to take over ownership of the nursery, allowing the present owners to retire over time.  We have a great staff that is committed to continue its work at the nursery and many customers who want to continue to support our important work.  Raintree is located in a beautiful rural environment and is a great place to live and raise a family.  We know it is very important to many Raintree customers to make a maximum contribution to the future sustainability of our planet and to live a life that makes a large positive difference. This is a rare opportunity to carry forward 40 years of important work, far into the future. If you are interested please  tell us about yourself and your interest.  Please send an email to