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To get plant care information for any of our plants go to that category. For instance if you want to learn about growing APPLES click on Fruit Trees above then click on APPLES then you will see Plant Specific - Growing Information.

We cover the following for each type of plant.

USEFUL FACTS: When to harvest: Hardiness: Sun or shade: Life expectancy: Years to first fruit: For the beginner: Yield:

HOW TO GROW: Soil requirements: Cultural requirements: Pruning:

HOW TO USE:  In the kitchen:  In the Landscape:  For Your Health:    

Plant Care (Clicking Plant Care will also take you to a list of our variuos plant offerings)

     - Plant Owner's Manual
     - USDA Hardiness Maps & Charts
     - Chill Hours Chart
     - Right Plant Right Place
     - Pollination & Ripening Guides
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     - Choosing Which Plants Will Work for You

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