Zone Skip Explanation

Raintree Nursery ships at the best time for your area!

Simply place your order! We will select the best shipping time for your area. Call us if you have any questions! Having your plants arrive at your door in great shape and at the right time has been Raintree's job for 37 years. We ship potted plants and also bare root plants kept fully dormant, in cold storage, from January through mid-June. We ship potted plants also in the fall and books and supplies year round.

If you live west of the Rockies, our standard ground shipping will work best for you. Because our fruit and nut tees are oversized, they are expensive to ship.

If you live east of the Rockies, we recommend Zone Skipping for your spring order. Every other week from March through May we send a climate controlled truck to a UPS or Fed Ex eastern hub where your order is then delivered to you in a couple of days. This is quicker and less expensive than regular ground shipping. Click here to see when we'll be shipping to your location!

However, if you'd like your plants ASAP, please select the slightly more expensive 'No Zone' shipping option. In June through the fall we continue to ship potted plants east of the Rockies however we ship them by air so they arrive much more quickly and in great condition. This expedited shipping for potted plants in June and through the summer is 50% of the order with a minimum of $19.95.

We use priority mail for most of your orders. Most orders can be shipped for the amount listed, however if shipping is much more than indicated, we reserve the right to call you and ask for your approval to charge the actual shipping charges.
HAWAII: Your Agricultural Inspectors prohibit potted plants. We can only ship you bare root plants. Please call in your order! 1-800-391-8892.