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Worm Factory® 360 Worm Bin-Black Color

Worm Factory® 360 Worm Bin-Black Color

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(Worms not included) Turn your kitchen wastes into beautiful worm casting compost. You will need the assistance of red worms. The worms compost up to two pounds of kitchen scraps a day, more than the amount generated by most families and turn the vegetable matter into compost. All without offensive odor or mess. Keep the worms outside the house but in a covered area that doesn't freeze. A garage, carport or shed works well. Made of recycled black plastic including a flat lid and handle.

Each Worm Factory® Compost Bin includes:

*Expandable multi-tray design gives the largest volume of any home worm bin.

*"Quick Tips" lid provides a handy reference when adding new material to the worm bin

*Accessory Kit provides all of the tools you'll need to make composting with worms quick and easy- coconut fiber, shredded paper and vermiculite.

*Odorless operation when following provided instructions for indoor use.

*One Step assembly right out of the box for easy, quick setup

*Instructional DVD helps beginners get started quickly and easily with their worms.

Price: $109.95

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