Visit Raintree Nursery!
By James Howard of Orca Broadcasting

Orca Broadcasting presents a brief tour of Raintree Nursery from its owner Sam Benowitz and other Raintree Nursery workers. See how your order is pulled, packed, processed and shipped to you. Learn about how Raintree Nursery selects its fruit varieties compared to other mail order nurseries, specializing in disease-resistant varieties that actually work for the backyard gardener.

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How To Plant Your New Fruit Tree
By James Howard of Orca Broadcasting

Orca Broadcasting has helped us put together this great informative video on how to plant, prune, and grow your new fruit tree. If you have any other plant related questions, you can email our horticulturist at

What is Permaculture?
By: Marisha Auerbach

What is Permaculture? from Marisha Auerbach on Vimeo.