(Hippophae rhamnoides) With plenty to recommend it, Sea Berry is widely used for healing in Asia and Europe, where it is valued as a potent anti-oxidant, a source for Vitamin C and a healing oil. The attractive small tree or shrub, also called Sea Buckthorn, is likely the most widely grown, northern hardy, fruiting plant in the world, but most Americans have never heard of it! In Europe, the sour, flavorful fruit is sweetened and its orange-passion-fruit-like flavor makes fine sauces, jellies and a base for liqueurs. Blended with other fruits, it makes a delicious juice. The plants, native to the Russian Far East, are incredibly productive and a great choice for backyard fruit production! Narrow silver leaves and plentiful round, yellow-orange fruit cover the 6-10' tall, narrow, upright female forms. Give plants full sun and good drainage, and space them about 7' apart or 3-5' for a hedge. They are extremely hardy, to -50 F., disease resistant and easy to grow. Branches are used in floral displays, and commercial crops are harvested by cutting off entire fruit-laden branches. USDA Zones 3-9. It needs good drainage and full sun.

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