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(Vaccinium vitis-idaea) Scandinavians love these fantastic edible evergreen ground covers that produce delicious cranberry-like berries great for sauces, jellies and cooking. They are very attractive, easy to grow plants with bright red fruits the size of a small blueberry.

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  • Dwarf Lingonberry-4 Inch Pot [SPRING]
  • Dwarf Lingonberry-4 Inch Pot [SPRING]

  • Catalog Number: G1404
  • Our price: $11.50

  • Red Pearl lingonberry/4 Inch pot 18+: $6each  [SPRING]
  • Red Pearl lingonberry/4 Inch pot 18+: $6each [SPRING]

  • Catalog Number: G130
  • Our price: $10.50