Triple Crown thornless Blackberry-4 Inch Pot [SPRING]

Triple Crown thornless Blackberry-4 Inch Pot [SPRING]

This cultivar can produce 30 pounds of large, very sweet, shiny blackberries per plant, making it, with Chester, by far the most productive. Fruit has superb flavor both eaten fresh and used to make jelly, toppings or juice. Vigorous canes, up to 2' in diameter and 15' long, thrive in areas of the country too cold for other blackberries and produce huge crops in July and early August. Grow it like a vining blackberry, at 8' spacing, or for those with less space, cut new canes the first summer at 6' tall and snip the laterals back to 2' long in winter. With this method, use a 3' spacing and a top wire to tie the upright canes.

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Required Zones 5 - 9
Detailed How-To-Grow Blackberries

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