Camelia sinensis

You shouldn't miss out on planting an authentic tea plant in your yard "for all the tea in China".

We offer the hardiest tea plants, hardy to USDA Zone 7.

These pretty evergreen Camelia bushes grow about four feet tall (taller in mild regions) and have pretty fragrant autumn flowers. The leaves are elliptical, 2-4" long leaves contain the stimulant caffeine. Recent research suggests that green tea may have beneficial health properties.

They also grow well indoor in a pot. Plants prefer sun or partial shade. A chinese way to make green tea is to pick only the new growing tips, the top three leaves on a branch. Spread and dry them in the shade for six hours. Then on low heat in an open pot, heat the leaves for a couple of hours, frequently stirring. Put the leaves in a cup and pour boiling water over the leaves. You can drink it with the leaves still in the cup. For black tea you need to ferment the leaves.