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Passiflora vines have large, round, incredibly showy flowers. Butterflies love them. The vigorous vines are easy to grow in well drained soil, either in the ground or in a five gallon pot and will grace your house or greenhouse. Use a stake and twine to tie the vines indoors. Vines are self fertile. Passifloras cannot be shipped to Hawaii.

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  • Blue Crown passionflower/1 Gal Pot 3+:$17.50 [SPRING]
  • Blue Crown passionflower/1 Gal Pot 3+:$17.50 [SPRING]

  • Catalog Number: H701G
  • Our price: $19.95

  • Frederick Passiflora-Gal Pot [SPRING]
  • Frederick Passiflora-Gal Pot [SPRING]

  • Catalog Number: H706
  • Our price: $24.50