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Calamondin (prohibited to TX, AZ, FL,  PR, HI  Or VIRGIN ISLANDS) Calamondin is the easiest citrus to care for. Hardy to 10° to 15° F, it is the easiest to grow in a container, has broad oval green leaves, is almost thornless and has a shapely upright habit. Throughout most of the year it produces an abundance of round bright orange 1-1/2" fruit. The fruit is easy to peel and has few seeds. The orange colored pulp is juicy and sour. It can be used as a flavoring or as a juice like a lemon or a lime. When sweetened with sugar it makes a marmalade. While most citrus go dormant below 50° F, the Calamondin will thrive at lower temperatures and is therefore easier to grow successfully. Still, in the Northwest, bring the pot in for the winter. We ship 2-3 year old plants that are well formed. You may order at any time.

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  • Calamondin (Direct Ship)
  • Calamondin (Direct Ship)