Stella D'Oro daylily-4 Inch Pot 6+: $4.50 [SPRING]

Stella D'Oro daylily-4 Inch Pot 6+: $4.50 [SPRING]

(6+: $4.50/each)

Enjoy an abundance of large beautiful golden edible flowers for months each spring and again throughout the summer. The flowers are followed by edible pods resembling green beans. Both are excellent additions to salads. The plant grows to 18-24 inches in sun or light shade. To make a bed, plant clumps about two feet apart. The plants are drought tolerant. They thrive throughout the nation. 4 inch pot.

Price: $5.50

Catalog NumberL700
Required Zones 4 - 11
Detailed How-To-Grow Miscellaneous

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