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Raintree Nursery ships orders via UPS, OnTrac and US Postal Service.



We ship at the Best time for your area!
Simply place your order! We will select the best shipping time for your area. Call or email us if you have any questions! If you want to choose a shipping date, consult the shipping chart for hints on the best shipping time for your region. Having your plants arrive at your door in great shape and at the right time has been RAINTREE'S job for 43 years!

We ship bare root plants kept fully dormant, in cold storage, from January through May. We ship potted plants throughout the year. . We ship books, supplies and gift certificates year round.

WEST OF THE ROCKIES - We ship plants by choosing the best ground service for you. The only season we ship bare root plants is January through May and only when the weather is above freezing. (see BEST TIMES TO RECEIVE YOUR BARE ROOT AND POTTED PLANTS) We can send books and supplies all year. Although service may be quicker, allow up to two to three weeks for order processing and delivery.



Option 1: Zone Skipping Saves You Money!
Many of our plants are large, which is great in all ways except they are very expensive to ship long distances. Zone skipping is where we contract an experienced trucking firm that has team drivers who drive day and night and deliver the packaged orders in about three days to an eastern regional UPS hub where they are then delivered in two to three days to you. This is a little quicker than regular ground shipping and a lot less expensive.

Option 2: Regular Shipping without Zone Skipping!
This option is if you missed the zone skip dates. UPS comes to our door and delivers to you, usually in one to two weeks.


SHIPPING COST CHART - For the 48 contiguous US States.

Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico Customers:

As you know shipping to AK, HI and PR is very expensive and it is difficult for us to predict what  your shipping charges will be until we receive your order. When you place your order on the website it will not show any shipping charge. When we receive your order we will get right back to you and let you know the charges for shipping. We will not charge or process your order until you approve the shipping charge. Your orders are shipped through USPS only.
Hawaii customers: We can only ship you bare root plants with no soil on the roots. Generally we can ship you fruit trees and the berries that are not in pots.