Saanichton kiwi (female)-Gal Pot 3+:$17.50 [SPRING]

Saanichton kiwi (female)-Gal Pot 3+:$17.50 [SPRING]

3 or more $17.50/each

Similar to the fuzzy kiwi that you buy in the store. However, it is more winter hardy (to about 5 degrees F) and it is successfully grown from California to as far north as Vancouver, Canada, since it ripens a couple of weeks before the variety Hayward. It is a large sweet fruit, heavily productive and easy to peel. (Fuzzy female kiwis can be pollinized by the Male Fuzzy (H380).

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Catalog NumberH375
Required Zones 7 - 9
Detailed How-To-Grow Kiwis

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