We are offering beautiful rugosa rose varieties which are the best varieties in the world for their flavorful large useable hips.

All the varieties we offer are hardy and easy to grow.

Useful Facts

Pollination: Self fertile.
Hardiness: USDA Zones 3-9. Tolerant of wind, salt and drought.
Sun or shade: Full sun or light shade.
Plant spacing: Same as the height of the plant. For hedge spacing use 2/3 of the ultimate height of the plant.  4' spacing for a hedge is good for  all but the climbers.
Harvest and storage: Harvest hips in Septmeber and October.
Bloom times: Our varieties are repeat bloomers giving you beautiful flowers from summer through fall.
Pests and diseases: No significant problems.

How to Grow

Soil requirements: Need good drainage.
Cultural requirements: Little or no fertilizing required, drought tolerant once established.
Pruning: Little or no pruning needed. Shearing helps to easily control hedges.

How to Use

In the landscape: It's easy to make a dense hedge or a beautiful  bed or border. Enjoy repeat flowering. The climbers, too, are loaded with beautiful flowers for months.
In the kitchen: They are very high in Vitamin C. The petals and the hips are edible. The Edible Flower Garden book provides recipes.