Rubus idaeus

Check out our black, red, purple, yellow, everbearing and summerbearing raspberries!

The best way to have an abundance of raspberries is to grow them yourself. The cost of purchasing raspberries at the market is prohibitive. Plant 10-20 foot of row or more, to start your backyard patch. Enjoy fruit from the this summer and from the others starting next year. Also try the unique Jewel Black, Royalty Purple or the wild Thimbleberry.

Useful Facts

Pollination: Self-pollinating.
Size at maturity: 4-6 ft.
Hardiness: Hardy to at least -20° F, depending on variety. Everbearers are hardy in most of the nation if cut to the ground each fall and mulched.
Sun or shade: Full sun.
Spacing: 20" between plants in rows 5 feet apart.
Propagation: Cutting or digging up plants that come up from the roots outside of the established rows.
Fruitful life: Replace every 10-15 years as they decline in productivity.
Bearing age: 1-2 years.
Yield: 2 pounds per foot of row.

How to Grow

Soil requirements: Lots of organic matter and good drainage. They cannot take wet feet. If you have wet ground, plant them on a mound, 18" above the water table.
Cultural requirements: Plant with well rotted manure and fertilize the following spring with more manure. Provide adequate moisture during the growing season.
Pruning July bearers: These include Tulameen, Meeker, Cascade Delight and Saanich. Prune out second year canes in the fall after they are through fruiting. Don’t prune out new shoots.
Pruning "Everbearers": Caroline, Anne, Polka, Rosanne, Autumn Brittan and Summit  can bear on one and two year old wood. Prune or mow the canes each winter to get a free standing fall crop each year without using a trellis. Or trellis as you would with the July bearers and you will get a fall crop on the first year wood (primocanes) and also a crop the following summer before you remove the canes.

How to Use

In the landscape: Use for hedges or fence rows. The colorful berries beautify your landscape and fruit salads.
In the kitchen: Eat fresh or use in pies, tarts, jams, jellies or vinegars.  Rosanna has a unique incredibly sweet flavor like Raspberry candy.

For Your Health: Caroline, Meeker Raspberries Rated Highest for Health Raspberries (as well as blueberries and black currants) contain especially high levels of antioxidants, which are known cancer-fighting agents. Caroline contains about 50% more antioxidants than other raspberry varieties, Caroline was also found to be 20-44% higher in betacarotene, 27-43% higher in vitamin A, 16-77% higher in vitamin E and 25-48% higher in vitamin C according to Ohio State University studies. Recent clinical tests conducted at Medical University of South Carolina and dozens of other prestigious research centers, have shown that Ellagitannin, a phytochemical found naturally in high quantities in raspberries, can help prevent cancer and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Meeker was found to be the best source of this health-promoting element.