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Workshops/Field Days





Full Day of Classes Saturday March 18th 2017

*We will have a lot of great classes taught by experts this year again.

Pre-registration: $10 per adult

Registration day of class: $15 per adult

People under 21 are free!

Come join us for an all you can learn buffet of helpful information!

Raintree open:  7:30a.m. to dark on class day.

How to register: Call us, send in your check or register online.

Please Note: Located in Morton Washington, classes are at The Tiller Arts Center, 239 Main St. Morton, WA 98356.

Books, supplies, rootstocks and scionwood will be available for sale at classes.

Special Class-Day Sale: At the classes, we will have a flyer listing dozens of items offered at the nursery at class day only sale prices!

About the Classes

Our classes are taught by Raintree staff, edible landscapers, experienced growers and WSU scientists, the classes have become famous for teaching what you need to know to succeed in home fruit growing. We cover many of the same basic subjects each year, but the content is always new, fun and informative, with plenty of time for answering your questions. If you wish, bring a tape recorder or video camera. Plan time for visiting the nursery!

8 a.m. to Dark: SHOP AT RAINTREE!

9 a.m.- 3 p.m.: GRAFTING: Ongoing small groups! Scionwood available.

9 a.m. -- BERRIES-BLUE, BLACK, ELDER, GOOSE, RASP and STRAW: Learn to prune, train, select and plant them.

9 a.m. -- FOR THE BEGINNER: All the basics to successfully start growing fruit trees and berries in your yard!

10 a.m. -- PLANT PROPAGATION: Raintree staff shows you propagation from seeds, cuttings, layering, budding & grafting.

10 a.m. -- GROWING NUT TREES: Learn what to grow and how.

11 a.m. –  LEARNING FROM NATURE: Gardener and Philosopher Mike Maki will explain gardening techniques, products and ways of thinking that maximize our positive influence on the environment and its influence on us. You will find it useful and fascinating.

12:15 p.m. -- LUNCH: There are several places in Morton to eat lunch including Cody Café, The River Bistro, Plaza Jalisco, Spiffy’s Hamburgers and Subway.

1 p.m. -- MASON BEES: Learn all about how to care for them!

1 p.m. -- PESTS AND DISEASES: Learn to control fungus, insects including the new fruit fly, weeds and deer in your fruit garden using ecological methods!

2 p.m. -- GROWING GRAPES & KIWIS:  Gary Moulton shares his expertise. Best varieties, rootstocks, growing & training methods.


3 p.m. -- FRUIT TREE PRUNING: Gary Moulton explains the principles of fruit tree pruning in a way that is easy to understand and will be useful for the rest of your life.

3 p.m. -- BEST FRUIT VARIETIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Gardeners from cultures all over the world have settled in Western Washington. Many have brought their fruit varieties and techniques and recipes with them. With audience participation, Raintree owner Sam Benowitz shares that wealth of knowledge of what was brought from temperate climates elsewhere that does well here. We share wisdom from other parts of the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia.

4:30 p.m. -- HANDS ON PRUNING AND TOP WORKING: (At Raintree) We go out with Gary Moulton in the Raintree orchard and learn to prune overgrown fruit trees. We will also learn how to graft new varieties on to existing trees by top working.


Category Items

  • 4/01/2017 Propagation Workshop 9-12:30
  • 4/01/2017 Propagation Workshop 9-12:30

  • 4/01/2017 Pruning Workshop  1:30-4pm
  • 4/01/2017 Pruning Workshop 1:30-4pm

  • 4/15/17 Raising Fruits & Berries in Containers 9am-12pm
  • 4/15/17 Raising Fruits & Berries in Containers 9am-12pm

  • 4/29/2017 Growing Mushrooms & Wasabi  12:30-4pm
  • 4/29/2017 Growing Mushrooms & Wasabi 12:30-4pm

  • 5/13/2017 Edible Landscape Workshop  9-2
  • 5/13/2017 Edible Landscape Workshop 9-2