Potted Fruit Trees

Potted Fruit Trees

It is neccessary you call us at (800) 391-8892 before you come to pick up the trees listed below because our supply of each variety is limited to one or maybe several trees. When you call us we will physically go outside and check to be confirm the tree is still there. We will then place your name on your tree to reserve your tree for you.  They are not shippable. We have listed each variety below.

We have a good selection of Apple, Pear, Cherry, Peach, Plum and other fruit trees fully rooted in pots for immediate planting. Our potted plants are the same price as our bare root mail-order trees, even though they have an extra year of growth and come well rooted in an easily transplantable fiber pot.

Our  fruit trees are potted in biodegradable fiber pots so they can be transplanted at any time of year. Fall is a great time to plant these trees. The roots get a big head start by growing all winter, giving you great spring top growth. Because of the 15 gallon or larger pot and the weight of the soil, these are available at the nursery only and cannot be shipped. The photo is not of our trees in fiber pots, but of our nectarines in 15 gallon plastic pots.


Current Inventory as of November 9th 2015


  • Scarlet Sentinel Columnar
  • Jonagold mini dwarf
  • Chehalis mini dwarf
  • Red Belle de Boskoop
  • Red Boskoop mini dwarf
  • Enterprise
  • Bramley
  • Melrose mini dwarf
  • Red Gravenstein
  • Liberty
  • Pristine mini dwarf
  • Striped Gravenstein mini dwarf
  • 3x1 Apple Combination


  • Ubileen E Pear/OHxF333
  • Russet Comice E Pear/OHxF333
  • 2 Tier Rescue Pear Espalier
  • Mishirasu A Pear/OHxF97
  • 3 Tiered Orcas Pear Espalier


  • Pozegaca
  • Obilnaja
  • Reine Claude Doree
  • Prune D' Ente
  • Seneca
  • Shiro
  • Purple Gage
  • Stanley

Peaches and Nectarines:

  • Pix Zee dwarf Peach/Lovell
  • El Dorado dwarf Peach/Lovell
  • Necta Zee dwarf Nectarine/Lovell
  • 2x1 Nectar Babe/Pix Zee/Lovell
  • Baby Crawford Peach/Citation


  • Surefire/Gisela 5
  • Kristin/Gisela 5
  • 3x1 Dwarf Cherry /Gisela 5
  • Vandalay Cherry/Gisela 5
  • Danube Cherry/Gisela 3


  • Kokusa Korean Mulberry
  • Pink Fruiting Mulberry
  • Oscar Mulberry


  • Breda Giant Medlar
  • Sultan Medlar


  • Chinese Chestnut Seedlings 4-6 foot
  • Nevada Chestnut

Ornamentals and Others:

  • Blue Elderberry
  • Yellow Fruited Cornus Mas
  • Wolfeye Dogwood
  • Miss Kim Lilac



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