Washington, Oregon and California customers:Potted plants for fall can be shipped to you NOW. Please note in the comment box if you would like your plants shipped now, otherwise we will ship them in the fall.

Plum Crosses

Check out our Pluots and Apriums, which are incredibly sweet crosses of plum and apricot with a wonderful variety of complex flavors and colors.

Pluots are mostly plum while Apriums are predominately Apricot. Both will thrive where Apricots do well. All the cultivars listed thrive in the California central valley where they were bred but are still being tested in other climates! These patented Floyd Zaiger introductions all need hot summers to bring out their sugars and incredible flavors.

We’ve chosen several cultivars that have proven the most cold hardy! However they don’t do well in high humidity! They are easily maintained at 10-15’ tall. We offer 4-6’ trees. USDA Zones vary by variety.