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Phyllostachys bissetii Bamboo-Gal Pot [SPRING]

Phyllostachys bissetii Bamboo-Gal Pot [SPRING]

This exceptionally cold hardy bamboo is one of the smallest of its genus and can grow to about 20'. Spreading vigorously once established,  its low thick dark green culms and low branches and leaves make for an excellent screen. Bissetii is a great farmstead building bamboo. After a few years when your bamboo stand is more mature, harvest 3 to 6 year old canes which will have strong thick walls but be very bendable and only about an inch in diameter ideal for tying together and bending into many things including greenhouse arches and other structures.  Newly emerged shoots can be used in stir fry or your choice of cuisine! Gallon sized. To -20 F.

Price: $24.50

Catalog NumberN150
Required Zones 5 - 10
Detailed How-To-Grow Bamboo

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