Paw Paw

Asimina triloba

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This small tree grows to 10' tall, with long, tropical looking leaves. It is native and well known in much of the eastern United States. However it grows and produces well in the Pacific Northwest and much of the nation.

It produces dark green oblong fruit 3 to 6 inches long with a pulp that tastes like vanilla custard. Harvest when fruit color turns from green to yellow. Take out your spoon and eat. It’s delicious.

The pulp has big seeds that are easy to spoon out and discard or plant to grow additional trees. The tree has a tap root and grows slowly at first but makes a great exotic backyard fruit producer. USDA Zones 5-9.

They grow naturally as an understory tree but can grow in full sun. Young trees prefer partial shade in hot dry areas. Space about 8' apart. Fruit ripens in late September and October.

About Grafted Paw Paws

We are offering small grafted trees in a one gallon size. While plants are small, they are bigger than in previous seasons. Transplant them with as much soil as possible, trying not to disturb the roots.

Pollination: Best to have another variety or a seedling planted nearby for pollination. Each variety produces small brown flowers each May. They are sometimes insect pollinated but more reliably pollinated by hand. Grafted trees produce in about 3-4 years, seedlings in 5-6 years.