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Northern gardeners can grow passion fruit too. The ones we offer are suprisingly hardy.

Passiflora vines have large, round, incredibly showy flowers. Each is self fertile. The egg shaped fruit is prized for fresh eating, drinks or making sherbet.

The vigorous vines are easy to grow in well drained soil, either in the ground or in a pot and will grace your house or greenhouse. Use a stake and twine to tie the vines indoors. When grown indoors, it may help to hand pollinate flowers. Butterflies love them.

They are great as outdoor vines, grown on a trellis in warm climates. The most hardy is the Maypop that is hardy to -20 F but the top dies back each winter and regrows in colder climates.

We also offer two Passiflora edulis cultivars called Frederick and Black NIght. They are not hardy below freezing. But they produce lots of delicious fruit indoors in a pot grown near your window. They are great edible houseplants.