P. nuda Bamboo-Gal Pot 3+:$22.50 [SPRING]

P. nuda Bamboo-Gal Pot 3+:$22.50 [SPRING]

(3 or more $22.50/EACH) The easiest of all to grow and the best choice for making a thick screen. It suffers less winter foliage dieback than any other variety and looks the best throughout the year. It is our most popular large bamboo. Among the hardiest species of the genus, surviving -20 deg. F. with little damage at maturity. Two inch diameter canes grow to 20-35 feet in height. Edible young shoots are of excellent quality.

Price: $24.50

Catalog NumberN300
Required Zones 5 - 11
Detailed How-To-Grow Bamboo

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3+ Items $22.50