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Himalayan Honeysuckle

(Leycestria formosa) Also called chocolate berry, this rare and interesting multi stemmed, semi evergreen shrub grows to 6 feet tall. In the late summer and early fall it produces small round green berries that turn dark purple when ripe. They have a flavor akin to bitter chocolate. The shrub is fast growing and pretty in the landscape with clusters of white flowers with red purple bracts. It grows at the lower altitudes in Tibet.

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  • Golden Lanterns-Gal Pot [SPRING]
  • Golden Lanterns-Gal Pot [SPRING]

  • Catalog Number: D604
  • Our price: $22.50

  • Himalayan Honeysuckle 1 Qt Pot [SPRING]
  • Himalayan Honeysuckle 1 Qt Pot [SPRING]

  • Catalog Number: D605
  • Our price: $18.50

  • RRP: $22.50
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