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Prohibited to AZ

(Fagus sylvatica purpurea) Among the most stately specimen trees in the world, the Purple Beech graces many an English estate. It will grow to 70’ tall with a dense, oval crown, light bark and beautiful purple leaves. It is also an excellent wildlife tree, producing small, triangular nuts that are prized by animals, including humans. Nut production varies from year to year, but good years produce heavy crops of nuts that can be eaten raw and have a rich sweet flavor. Grow two for pollination in full or partial sun. Photo courtesy of Lawyer Nursery.

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  • Purple Beech  [SPRING]
  • Purple Beech [SPRING]

  • Catalog Number: M590
  • Our price: $15.00

  • RRP: $19.50
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  • Purple Beech  3 for $45 [SPRING]
  • Purple Beech 3 for $45 [SPRING]

  • Catalog Number: WM590
  • Our price: $45.00

  • RRP: $58.50
    save 23%