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Myco Paks

Myco Paks

Package of 10 $3.50; Package of 30 $7.50; Package of 100 $20.00/Each

Place a teabag-like mycorrhizae pack at the bottom of your planting hole or pot, next to the roots. Use one pack for each (existing) foot in height of your plant. Mycorrhizal fungi enable the root system to increase in size and capacity to absorb the nutrients already in your soil. Building up your soil with organic matter allows mycorrhizae to thrive. The pak also includes 10 grams of 11 different types of endo mycorrhizae and 10 grams of organic fertilizer. It works on all fruiting plants we offer accept for Blueberries, Huckleberries, Lingonberries, Cranberries, Filberts and Oaks.

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