Mountain Ash and Hawthorn

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Sorbus and Craetagus and crosses

Both Mountain Ash and Hawthorn are related to Pears. Both natural and manmade crosses of Pear, Hawthorn, Aronia, Mt. Ash, Medlar and other species have been done. These have yielded a number of great edible crosses. The largest fruited is the Pear, Mountain Ash cross known as Shipova. Also some of the Mt. Ash and Hawthorn species have been bred to have larger edible fruit that is used like crabapples. This group of trees can be maintained at a 10-15' height. Most are winter hardy to USDA Zones 4-9.

About Mt. Ash crosses Ivan's Belle and Ivan's Beauty

They are unusual small upright trees with large glossy compound leaves. Bred by famed Russian plant breeder Ivan Michurin, they grow to 12’ tall and are self-fertile. Zones 3-8.

About the Chinese Hawthorns (Crataegus pinnatifida)

An attractive species of small, 12’ tall trees from northern China, with clusters of white flowers, grown specifically for their red edible fruits. The leaves turn bright red in autumn. The fruit is made into syrups, preserves, or candied. These trees are beautiful in all seasons. A great all purpose choice for a small yard. Self fertile. Zones 4-9.