Misty Blueberry-Gal Pot 3:+$14.50 ea [SPRING]

Misty Blueberry-Gal Pot 3:+$14.50 ea [SPRING]

(3 or more $14.50 each) A perfect compliment to 'Sunshine Blue', this southern Highbush variety thrives as a beautiful evergreen bush, about 5' tall, not only in the South but along the west coast to the Canadian border. The bright blue green foliage provides a perfect contrast to the hot pink spring flowers and the sky blue, very flavorful fruit. It yields best when planted with another variety. Hardiness to 0? F, a very low chilling requirement of only 150 chilling hours and a tolerance for higher pH soils makes this a perfect USDA Zones 7-9 choice.



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Catalog NumberE250
Required Zones 7 - 9
Detailed How-To-Grow Blueberries

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