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MM 111 apple rootstock 5+:$3.00/each [SPRING]

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5-9 Items $3.00
10-24 Items $2.75
25+ Items $2.35

MM 111 apple rootstock 5+:$3.00/each [SPRING]

5 OR MORE $3.00; 10 OR MORE $2.75; 25 OR MORE $2.35/EACH Produces a semi-standard heavy bearing, precocious, well anchored tree about 20 feet tall. This rootstock has fiberous roots and does well in a wide variety of soils. It is hardy to -35° F. It produces burr knots at the base and should be planted almost up to the graft line.

Price: $3.50

Catalog NumberR110
Required Zones 4 - 9
Detailed How-To-Grow Apple Rootstocks