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Luma apiculata-One Qt Pot [SPRING]

Luma apiculata-One Qt Pot [SPRING]

A broad leafed evergreen tree to 15' or more or large dense shrub with leaves like a huckleberry. The bark turns orange like madrone and peels off to reveal white to pink new bark. Small cream colored starry flowers appear in mid-summer. Each fall the plant is covered with round blue, 1/2 inch fruit. Fruits are deep purple to black and have soft translucent flesh, with an aromatic somewhat sweet flavor. They are eaten fresh and also make a great cheese cake topping. We offer seedlings. Prune it to make an excellent hedge. Plant two to assure pollination. From central and Southern Chile and Argentina. Favors sun and acidic, well drained soil high in organic matter.

Price: $19.95

Catalog NumberD177
Required Zones 9 - 11
Detailed How-To-Grow Luma apiculata

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