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Lost Crops of the Incas

"Lost Crops of the Incas" is the title of a book published in 1989 and is free online. Of the over 30 food crops discussed the the book, we picked three tuber crops that are nutritious, easy to cultivate, can be grown in much of the country and offer a new taste experience.

  • Mashua - 2 Tubers [SPRING]
  • Mashua - 2 Tubers [SPRING]

  • Catalog Number: L553
  • Our price: $18.50

  • Oca (package of 5 tubers) [SPRING]
  • Oca (package of 5 tubers) [SPRING]

  • Catalog Number: L559
  • Our price: $15.00

  • Yacon-4 Inch Pot   [SPRING]
  • Yacon-4 Inch Pot [SPRING]

  • Catalog Number: L558
  • Our price: $16.50