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Jostaberry 3+:$11.50; 10+: $10 [SPRING]

Jostaberry 3+:$11.50; 10+: $10 [SPRING]

PROHIBITED TO DE, ME, MA, NC,  NJ, RI, WV.!!  MI needs a permit

3 OR MORE $11.50; 10+: $10.00/EACH

A cross between a black currant and a gooseberry. Jostaberries have the vigorous growth habit, the high vitamin C content and the disease resistance of the black currant. However, the leaves are gooseberry like and the fruit, until it is ripe, looks like a gooseberry. As it ripens in late June, the elongated berry turns almost black. The flavor is sweet like a ripe gooseberry with just a pleasing hint of the stronger currant flavor. It is ornamental, thornless and easy to grow. They are resistant to both powdery mildew and white pine blister rust. It should be pruned like a gooseberry. Jostaberries make a great tasting jam.

Price: $14.50

Catalog NumberE770
Required Zones 3 - 8
Detailed How-To-Grow Currants

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