Invicta gooseberry 3+: $11.50; 10+: $10 [SPRING]

Invicta gooseberry 3+: $11.50; 10+: $10 [SPRING]

(3 or more $11.50; 10 or more $10.00/Each) Prohibited to (DE,ME,NC,NH&WV) A new mildew resistant selection from the Malling Research Station. An easy to grow winner for the organic garden. It produces heavy yields early in its life, of flavorful large green fruit that hang in heavy clusters down the length of the branch. A well shaped bush. Excellent for pies, jam or freezing.

Price: $14.50

Catalog NumberE650
Required Zones 3 - 8
Detailed How-To-Grow Gooseberries

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3-9 Items $11.50
10+ Items $10.00