Hydragea bushes will be a focal point in your garden with their spectacular flowers! They come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, so there is a winner for most garden niches. They light up a shady corner or bring robust color into a foundation planting. While they will take full sun in coastal or cool summer areas, they appreciate partial or afternoon shade where the sun is more intense. They need good garden soil and regular watering, and will repay you with an abundance of spectacular clusters of flowers. Flowers of each variety are quite different and can be panicle, mophead or lacecap in shape. (See photos) Flower colors vary from a bright pink to blue, or white, depending on soil pH and variety. Many of the flowers will dry nicely for winter arrangements. We carry a varied assortment of beautiful cultivars. All will do well in a pot on your patio. Some, like Pee Gee make an attractive large shrub or small tree and can be used as a nice privacy hedge. One gallon size unless otherwise noted.

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