Ground Cover

Cover the ground with a beautiful carpet of foliage, thereby reducing erosion and providing a mat that inhibits weeds.

We offer a great selection of ground covers that are edible. Each is available in a 4" pot. If you order them in multiples of 18, we give a $15 discount for each 18 pack you order. It is cheaper and easier for us to send a flat of 18  four inch pots. So mix and match 18  of any of the four inch pots we offer and take $15 off for each flat you order.

Also check out lingonberries, cranberries, alpine strawberries and Maine blueberries, which are listed in their own sections but make great edible ground covers and are offered in 4" pots.

Useful Facts

Plant spacing: Space 1 foot apart to make a quick mat. It's cheaper to space them two feet apart but it will take a year or two longer to fill in.

How to Grow

Soil requirements:  Each differs however all are shallow rooted and require a well prepared bed free of weeds to get off to a good start.
Cultural requirements:  They need a rich friable soil to successfully get started. Once they have formed a mat, you can, with a shovel, remove part of the mat and extend your patch.