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Golden Lanterns-Gal Pot [SPRING]

Golden Lanterns-Gal Pot [SPRING]

Native to the lower altitudes in Tibet, this shrub is also called Chocolate berry, this is an amazing edible ornamental. Golden Lanterns has brightly colored golden heart shaped leaves, with reddish new growth and pendulous white and burgundy colored flowers. In the South it's a beautiful year round upright shrub to 6' tall but in the north it dies back to the ground each winter and resprouts. It is hardy to Zone 6 if mulched. In late summer and early fall it produces lots of small round green berries that turn dark purple when ripe. They have a flavor akin to bitter chocolate. It likes well drained soil and attracts butterflies and bees. USDA Zones 6-10. One gallon pot.

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Catalog NumberD604
Required Zones 6 - 10
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