Garden Design Consulting


Professional Garden Design Services

Call the professional Garden Designer of your choice today. Each is very affordable.

The designer can help you get started towards making your dreams of a beautiful and bountiful garden and landscape a reality. They tailor the visit to meet your needs. If you are investing in quality plant material, you should invest in your landscape. Its affordable and its fun. Call them. They will explain their rates and services.

A great home garden and landscape grows year by year but starts with a well thought out design. We work with a great group of experienced and affordable professional landscape and garden designers. Each of them is a well trained professional, with in the dirt experience and a deep special interest in using organic methods. They are friendly and easy to talk with. They realize that each homesite is unique. They can help you to clarify the values, needs and wants of your household so your unique landscape supports your family's way of living. Not limited to fruit trees, they can help you with all aspects of your garden and landscape. Each is self-employed and does not work for Raintree. Each is busy, so call one now to discuss your project and their affordable rates and make an appointment. Please note that there may be a mileage charge to your site. The garden designer will discuss it with you when you call.

They can in addition to garden and landscape design work:

  • Help you select the right plants for the right places in your yard.
  • Help you select fruit varieties, rootstocks, pollination and spacing.
  • Help with planting, pruning and pest control.
  • Help design garden structures like arbors and fences.
  • Act as your personal garden expert who can help when you need it.

FOLLOW-UP SERVICES: They do ongoing design consultation and can provide a rough design or a detailed design and blueprints. They can develop a long range plan and implement it over time or assist you as you implement the design yourself. They do cost estimates for installations and continuing landscape care. Call a designer today.