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Prunus Mume | Flowering Apricot

(Prunus armeniaca mume) A legendary Japanese flowering Apricot tree with unusually beautiful bright “green” branches and loads of delicate pink almond scented flowers. It flowers very early in the spring and can be frosted and lose its crop but not its beauty. The cut flowers are unequaled in early spring. In Japan and other parts of the Orient, the ripe fruit is made into apricot brandy or jam. Green fruit is used to scent tea, candied, boiled, made into a vinegar, preserved in sugar or often pickled in salt to make “Umeboshi”. Each is partially self fertile but select two varieties for better pollination. These gorgeous trees grow to 15’ or more. Zones 5-9.

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  • Bungo Flower Apricot / Myro 29 C [SPRING]