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Enjoy 2-4 different types of fruit on one tree! You will have the greatest pear varieties ripening for months! The tree will be semi-dwarf. Trees can be maintained at 15' tall. Self pollenizing.

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Category Items

  • 3X1 E Pear (BS/BT/MG/HD)OHxF333  [SPRING]
  • 3X1 E Pear (BS/BT/MG/HD)OHxF333 [SPRING]

  • 4X1 E Pear  (BC/BT/MG/HD)OHxF333 [SPRING]
  • 4X1 E Pear (BC/BT/MG/HD)OHxF333 [SPRING]

  • 4x1 Euro Pear(HD/R/HL/O/UB)/OHxF87 [SPRING]
  • 4x1 Euro Pear(HD/R/HL/O/UB)/OHxF87 [SPRING]