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Mountain Ash Crosses

Sorbus aucuparia x Craetagus

Ivan's Belle and Ivan's Beauty are beautiful, unusual small upright trees with large glossy compound leaves. Bred by famed Russian plant breeder Ivan Michurin. Self-fertile. Usda Zones 3-8.

Shipova is a large pear shaped and flavored fruit that is a Pear x Mountain Ash. It needs a late blooming European Pear as a pollenizer.

Raintree Nursery Mountain Ash Growing Guide




  • Ivan's Belle Mountain Ash/SPRING
  • Ivan's Belle Mountain Ash/SPRING

  • Catalog Number: D711
  • Our price: $24.95

  • Shipova/OHxF 97 [SPRING]
  • Shipova/OHxF 97 [SPRING]

  • Catalog Number: D170
  • Our price: $26.50